Maroochydore December 12th-26th, 2009

This would be our first extended holiday in the caravan - 2 weeks at Maroochy Palms along the Maroochydore River. We booked a caravan site close to the amenities, and it had heaps of grass space behind the site for Loz to run around.

We left straight after school broke up for the year - our last year in Hervey Bay. We packed during the weekend before and throughout the week leading up. We packed the annexe for this trip - as it would be two weeks, inlcuding Christmas Day. We were booked to return home on Boxing Day.

Our trip down was pretty smooth. The only issue we had was navigating to the caravan park once we were in Maroochydore, but we found it without an issue. This was the biggest trip so far for the Challenger and the van - it did it well. Set-up was a bit slower, as we had the annexe to put up as well. It felt as though we had doubled our living area, as in the annexe was a table, chairs and a Christmas tree. We kept the cooking gear behind the annexe and set-up a tarp for an outdoor area.


The caravan park was well catered for everyone. There was a pretty scenic duck pond with a walkway around it - including a boardwalk that overhung the lake, a resort pool with different areas, including a wading pool (great for Loz) a rock waterfall area and a beach area, putt-putt which was kept in great condition, as well as a playground and ball games area (volleyball, basketball, soccer, etc). There was also a large camp kitchen with everything you'd need. But to top it off, each afternoon, a mini-train would take passengers on a tour - suitable for children and adults.


The position of the caravan park was great for us too. Opposite the Maroochy River (great for walks), only 5 minutes down the road to the surf beach and with good access to the roads that link to major shops.


We had some great mornings and afternoons at the beach - wading in the white-wash. Loz thought it was pretty fun, having the waves crash in to her.


During one of the first couple of days we visited Shell's extended family's Christmas party at Ningi. It was a good opportunity for Shell to drive the Challenger, as I had a few beers. Luckily the beers had me a bit relaxed, 'cause there were a few hairy moments on the way and back! Loz spent most of the time in the pool - some of the time with Grandma and Shell and some of the time with me. There was plenty of food on offer for lunch and the beers went down a treat. We spent the afternoon scratching $1 scratchies (everyone gives these to each other) - we won a few dollars (like about $13!).


The next day or two saw BCF having some sales - so we bought a 2 way BBQ and a non-stick mat to go on it. Worked great. It was a Christmas present to ourselves.


Australia Zoo was on our to do list while we were down. Shell had been before and it was the first time for Loz and I. It was a fantastic day and it was a FULL day. We walked the whole way around, seeing every exhibit we could, and there was plenty to see.