Burrum Heads November 2009


After our awesome quick trip to Rainbow Beach, we decided to do a quick trip to Burrum Heads from a Friday to Sunday. We knocked off work and headed straight home to get as quick of a get-away as possible. We arrived at Burrum Heads just after 4pm and started setting up. It went really smoothly, again. We stayed in the council park this time - and were offered a site on the non-beach side. It looked quiet and roomy.

Just on dusk a couple of families pulled up with tents and they were placed right behind us. Was a little annoying - considering all the room available.


We had a good dinner - meat and veggies and had some ice-cream. All was good.

But then, at 1pm I woke up sweating and feeling a bit weird - I went to the toilets and had a very bad case of vomiting. I spent the rest of the night in the toilets. I felt sorry for the others who were sleeping, as unfortunately I'm unable to be quiet while sick. There was a bug going around at school, and it lasted a week. I tried to feel a little better the next day - try not to ruin it for Shell and Loz, but I was no good at all.


I slept as much as I could during the morning and they got out and went for a walk. Loz and Shell had a nice ice-cream, but I couldn't stomach a thing.


Just after lunch I was still sick, so we tried packing up and driving home. I literally was sick right before driving off - holding the seat belt all the way home, to take the pressure of my tummy. As soon as we pulled back in home - I was crook again. This continued for the week. One of the worst bugs I've had.

Bit of a spoiler to the trip - but there will be many more to come.