Hello, we are the Harris family and we live from one holiday adventure to the next. The term 'adventure' is used loosely, nothing wild - just wholesome fun in the great outdoors or indoors to maximise experiences and turn them into memories!
Hopefully this website will allow you to see the family holidays we enjoy and perhaps inspire you to visit somewhere we've visited or help you plan your trips (learning from our mistakes along the way!). Whether it's hitching up the caravan, loading the ute for a roof-top trip away, pitching the tent, or hooking up the boat - we're super keen to explore our local surrounds (of which we're very blessed).

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Name: Jason (Dad)
Age: 35
Occupation: Teacher
Jason gets very excited about up coming trips- whether it's camping, caravanning or boating - if he's not out doing it, he's busy planning, researching spots to go or researching more gear to buy! Each trip provides an opportunity to learn something new (and a need to buy something else!).

Name: Michelle (Mum)
Age: 35
Occupation: Teacher
Michelle likes to explore new places, however is reluctant to try much of the 4x4 stuff. Psyching up for sand driving took some doing. She is becoming more comfortable with how the 4x4s handle and enjoys the relaxed lifestyle it brings. She loves day trips to the local attractions.


Name: Lauren
Age: 8
School: Year 3
Lauren has a love for life and makes the most of every day, whether away or at home. She loves the water (pools especially) and she's an amazing big sister to Callum. Loz travels very well, however, she prefers the caravan to tenting or boating.


Name: Callum
Age: 5
School: Prep
Callum was born on the road - first 6 weeks of life we were in the caravan. He also has a love for life and makes the most out of every moment of every day. He especially likes the tent and 4x4 trips and is beginning to show a greater interest in fishing.