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No real boating. I went out with Carl in his new Bluefin 430 Mangrove Jack, around the Pine River area. We got no real fish - some small bream/whiting. The weather wasn't good in Hervey Bay before school returned.



We had a family morning out in the boat. We had a bit of a fish around Maringa. No fish - just bait fish. We had a swim at Pelican Banks - just magic. Never get tired of having a swim there. Got a couple of photos of the boat while it was anchored here.



Callum and I got out for a quick fish. There wasn't a whole lot of action. I got a big, fat toad fish. Cal got a good bite, and fought well - winding and lifting, but it spat the hook just before the boat. Likely a little flathead.




Managed two trips out after school. One with Judd - we caught some snapper/squire as the sun started setting. Just near the red marker - just outside the Green Zone. Judd landed a keeper (46cm) on a soft plastic. I got a couple of smaller ones - just under legal on squid. I tried the plastics, but no luck. It was an awesome sun set.

The next trip out after school was solo. I went to the same spot as last time, near the red marker. I was getting sweetlip (coral bream) one after the other - but they were all a little too small. As the sun started setting I had a good run. It was running me around the boat. After about 5-10 minutes of good fighting it came beside the boat, just quick enough for me to grab a look. It was a shark. It took off again, and as I had it next to the boat to take some photos, it took off and snapped my Shimano rod. Bugger. I called it quits at that moment - but glad I got out for a quick session.




I invited another colleague, James, out for a morning fish. The plan was to leave early, and get back in early. The forecast was awesome. The tides were great. Winner. When I woke up and met James at the ramp it was quite clear. As soon as we started to leave the harbour a very thick blanket of fog had appeared. It was so thick you couldn't see 5m infront of the bow. It was very eerie. I was navigating to the GPS and hoping nobody was coming the other direction at speed. We took our time and eventually made it the Arti (K'gari wreck). It was still very, very foggy - hard to tell which direction we were facing. This made it tricky when navigating to anchor on the GPS mark. We anchored in a top spot - right above the K'gari. We started fishing (James was using my gear as he only had little kid combos) - we had a pillie on gang hooks out the back, paternoster with pilly and squid on another and trying to jig some bait. Things were a little quiet when, zzzzzzzzzzz, off went the pillie on gang (James' corner) - he grabbed the rod and let it run. As soon as he could he started winding back the line, keeping pressure on the rod. It started tracking for the bow and the anchor line - I grabbed it here and handled the rod under the anchor rope - thankfully, it didn't run snag on it. A few minutes later it was in the net - a decent spanish mackerel. We gave a high five and grabbed a couple of photos. We were debating the bragging rights - James wound most of it in, but I assisted, and it was my rod, bait, GPS mark, etc, etc. It's still debatable! Although it was a good fish, we let it go due to my fear of ciguatera poisoning. Soon after, a whole heap more boats crowded around - quite ridiculous how close others think is acceptable to anchor/fish to others. We were back at the ramp at about 8am - travelling very slowly as the fog was still extremely thick. It was more dangerous going back, as all the traffic was coming out of the harbour.




I managed another after school session at the Arti (K'gari). I got a few big pike on bait jigs. Tried a couple as livies, but didn't go off. I didn't realise they were edible - my neighbour compares them with whiting. Next time I might bring some home to try or I may just use them as bait again.



After we returned home from Rainbow Beach, we got some good weather. I took the family out around Maringa for a quick fish. We got a small school mackerel and the kids had some fun with the bait fish. We saw some turtles and dolphins which adds a bit of a highlight to the trip. Fraser Island looked amazing!



We took the boat out for a quick run, looking for some whiting. We got a few each which made for a tasty lunch. We might start chasing them a bit more often next year.



We went whale watching during the start of the school holidays. We saw our first whales at about Arch Cliffs. They came right beside the boat as they kept their gentle swim southward. We continued towards Wathumba where we were greeted with some acrobatic whales and pods everywhere. We were able to get quite close, but no pods seemed curious to come and check us out, rather continuing on their mission. It was great to see smaller calves with their mum. On the way home we cruised the coastline, as the wind created a bit of chop. In only 5m of water just north of Arch Cliffs we saw another pod - they really stood out in the shallow, aqua water. It was a great day, and the whole family really enjoyed it.

Watch the Whale Watching Video


I took a bloke out from a forum we've been a part of for around a decade. Our target species was flathead. We left early enough to get to Moon Point for the last of the run out tide - perfect for flatties. It was pretty quiet, and then my deckie had a double hook up - he was battling one rod and I had his other rod. I couldn't turn mine - it seemed to just have a steady pull and then 'ting' it snapped. He got his close to the boat and realised he had a turtle hooked. So cut his line. After about half an hour my pilly on gang hooks went. I fought it right beside the boat, but unfortunately, the deckie missed with the net and at the same time dislodged the hooks - it was a good flathead too. We didn't need to wait too long though, off went my rod again - this was another good one. This one landed in the net. A photo, measure (63cm) and it went in the kill tank. I got one more for the session - a little smaller, at about 54cm. It felt good to get the species we targeted.



Usually the November northerlies blow the whole month long. This month we got a brief window of good weather, so we headed out for a swim at Pelican Banks. We tried for a flathead at Moon Point, but no bites. So a swim is what we had. Geez it's a nice place.



Soon after returning from Bribie Island, and just before Christmas, I managed a couple of fishing sessions. I tried my old Mackie Spot - and I got a few. You beauty. It felt good to get some decent fish on the end of the line. I was fishing solo - so made netting a little challenging. I got 3 schoolies for the morning and lost a few more. I was back early to clean them up. We had fresh fish'n'chips for a few nights! The biggest of the mackerel went 67cm. The smallest were just legal - they were measured by fisheries.




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