Tin Can Bay Easter 2009


After really enjoying ourselves at Burrum Heads, we booked an Easter camping trip. This time we  were ready to venture a little further than Burrum Heads, but still not too far. We opted for four nights at Tin Can Bay on a powered ensuite site. We thought having our own bathroom right near camp would be practical - especially with a 14 month old.


We bought a 2004 Mitsubishi Challenger between Burrum and Tin Can Bay. It was an LS model (leather and woodgrain interior) with reasonably low kms (120k). With the seats beside Loz folded down, we just managed to fit everything we needed.


We checked in at the earliest time we could, about 11am and begain setting up. I messed around for a little while, trying to figure out where everything was going to go ie. the tent, the tarp, etc. Eventually, I made my mind up and we were into it. We were a little bit quicker at setting up this time, compared to Burrum. Luckily, as within minutes after setting the majority up, we were hit by a very substantial storm. The tarp handled it perfectly.


This trip we took some powered devices - such as kettle, fridge, etc. This made the experience a lot more comfortable - at Burrum Heads we only used the gas stove.


We had a quick tour of Tin Can Bay, sussing out the shops, etc. In the afternoons, we went for walks along the foreshore - quite a lot of mozzies and sandflies (as mangroves and sand/mud flats).


We decided to venture slightly offroad, and head up Freshwater Track. This was my first offroad driving since 2001 (I had a very old Suzuki LJ80). It wasn't 'real offroad' driving though, as the road was well graded. We stopped at the carpark for  Poona Lake. A bush walk to the lake was the order of the day. It was about a 5km round trip.


This could've been a great walk. But, I'm not sure who did the most whining on the way to the lake, Loz or Shell. Certainly was Shell for the first half on the way there. "This is ridiculous!" "Lauren can't do this!" "This isn't fun!" Oh geez! However, at this point, Loz was enjoying herself - looking at the trees, touching the trees to feel what they're like - it was all new. About half way, Loz started to get annoyed with the walk. I grabbed her, threw her on my shoulders, and away we went again. It was great fitness, as we trudged along.


Shell and I agreed that this lake better be worth it. Finally, we had arrived. The path split off into scattered thin, single tracks that branched into small pockets along the lake. The lake edge was brushy with long grass all around - hardly idyllic in our minds for the efforts we went through to get there. We figured we better get a family photo here, as it was an adventure. As you can see, Loz couldn't have cared less!


Heading back didn't seem to take anywhere near as long. We vowed that we would probably not return to this lake. Anyhow, we had a dip in the pool at the caravan park. It was very quiet at the park, especially considering it was the Easter school holidays - plenty of sites available. We had the pool to ourselves! Loz loved it.


The following morning we got up early to feed the dolphins. This was a daily event at Tin Can Bay, next to the boat ramps. Thankfully, a couple of the regular dolphins showed up for their breakfast. Loz and Shell got a bucket with a bait fish in it. When it was their turn, Shell tried to help Loz feed it into the dolphins mouth. Within a blink of an eye, it's all done and they're after the next person. Loz got a certificate declaring that she'd fed a dolphin! (edit - the owners of the cafe that feed the dolphins has changed - the feeding is more commercialised now than before)


We had a morning at Rainbow Beach (30 mins down the road) which was nice. We couldn't stay too long on the beach. Just enough time to have a quick dip, let Loz muck around in the sand, but we had to get out of the sun, without any shelter. We made our way up the hill to the surf club, where we enjoyed an awesome lunch with unbelievable views across the Pacific Ocean.


At the conclusion of our second family camping trip we started to think we're really getting the hang of this camping stuff. I'm glad we liked this trip too, because a week earlier we ordered an Austrack camper trailer from Hervey Bay. It wasn't quite ready for this trip - but ironically, it was ready for pick-up the day after we returned!


We felt we needed the extra space for packing in the camper trailer, as the Challenger was chockas. Thanks to K'Rudds stimulus package, we were able to buy the camper trailer with a few small extras. I was very excited to get it home and open it up for it's initial weather sealing/waterproofing. It was a big unit!


PS - we didn't take too many photos on this trip