Burrum Heads January 2009


Having just returned from an unreal Year 4/5 school camp, where everybody (students and staff) had to take and pitch their own tents, I was keen as mustard to take Shell and Loz on their first camping trip. Although our small dome 4 man tent was fine for me and another teacher at our school camp, it wouldn't be sufficient for us, especially with Loz being 11 months old.


We snagged a deal at BCF for a Coleman 7 man (3 room tent) and their biggest tarp system we could get. Packing the ute took some real jenga skills, with everything in its place. We had booked for 2 nights, nothing too long, but just long enough to get a feel for it. Being our first family camp, we didn't want to go too far, just in-case - so Burrum Heads was ideal, only half an hour down the road.


We arrived as early as we could check in, about 10 or 11am. We were placed on a nice big, powered grass site, with gumtrees surrounding. Shell tried to amuse Loz while I began the unpacking process, and then the pegging out and erection of the tarp - which is massive! About 20 mins of slogging away, I began work on the tent, which we placed under the back half of the tarp to keep it cool during the day. It went up easily enough, and it felt like a mini-mansion! Now Shell could get to work on setting up inside the tent, while I continued in the outdoor area.






Loz was now keeping herself occupied in her porta-cot (thanks Aldi), and we were set-up and enjoying the serenity after a couple of hours. The tarp floor which ran from the tent outwards was a comfortable floor for Loz to crawl around on and let us keep the area tidy too. I tell ya what, it was a hell of a set-up for two nights!


Almost as soon as we'd set-up, we looked around for Loz's stroller. Not here, not there, not bloody anywhere! So in the big red ute I go. Luckily, we were only 30 mins from home. An hour later, we were back on track, stroller and all. Being a warm day, we headed for the pool for a quick cool down. It was quite refreshing and cool. Loz loved it. Afterwards, we headed down for a quick walk along the foreshore.


Back at the camp site Shell and I were relaxing around, Loz was exploring all around the area, and it felt good. For dinner that night, Loz had spaghetti. She sure looked like she enjoyed it. Her efforts should make for a good 21st photo! Speaking of milestones, it was this day, when Loz took her first real steps - walking from Shell to me across the tent - about 5-6 steps.






The next day brought great weather, so we spent the morning down along the river - paddling in the shallow waters. This sure tuckered Loz out, and while she was having a mid-morning kip some new neighbours rocked up. They were a couple of families with boats and some fairly big tent set-ups. One of the females seemed to enjoy the sound of her own voice. Bloody hell she was loud and non-stop. Anyhow, they seemed nice, just spoilt the quieter surrounds.


Another dip in the pool that afternoon and walk along the foreshore finished off another great day. For dinner, we enjoyed fish & chips. As Loz went to bed, out came the wine, beers and UNO cards. Shell and I had quite a battle, but the grand champion prevailed as I took out the inaugural UNO championship. We were visited by a local possum who seemed to know what he was looking for - guessing he's been through a few rubbish bins in his days!


Packing up the next day was another significant affair. Lots of ropes, folding tarps/tents, and placing things where they go. Five minutes into the short trip back home we turned around to see Loz fast asleep. I guess a good camping trip will do that! Being such a good experience we are ready for our next adventure - probably somewhere a little further and perhaps a little longer.