Rainbow Beach October 2009


After we sold the Austrack camper trailer, we searched for any suitable Expanda type caravans. It was to be a little gift to ourselves for agreeing to our employers to complete our rural service, something all teachers are supposed to do. We were looking at the Jayco, Windsor and the Paramount series. After going to the dealerships I could see value for money in either the Jayco or the Paramount. The Windsor was the most expensive, but it was the feel that I didn't like in comparison - it felt more bunched up, where as the others felt more roomy inside.


As well as looking new, I was searching on rvpoint.com.au constantly. A Jayco Expanda popped up that had heaps of the extras that we were interested in, only 6 months old, in Coffs Harbour. After doing some negotiations over the phone, we agreed to meet at the Gold Coast - outside Movie World and if I liked the van he would accept a bank cheque. I agreed it was what we were looking for and I started my drive home with a 6 month old Jayco Expanda behind our Challenger. It towed home, back to Hervey Bay really well. It had to live in the front yard on the driveway as it was too tight of a fit to get past the front gutter (we'd sort that out down the track).


We were pretty excited to be using our new caravan for the first time. We booked a weekend after school to try it out at Rainbow Beach. Shell quickly picked Loz up from daycare and I got home as quick as I could. We were on our way between 3:30 and 4pm. We found our way to Rainbow Beach Caravan Park  (it is attached to the BP servo & opposite the surf lifesaving club) without too much issue and checked-in. I asked for the courtesy tractor service, where a groundsman hitches up the van and places it on the site with the tractor. I had just made it time wise as it was 6pm and they knocked off at 6pm. Not even 30 minutes later we were set-up. Well, set-up for a weekend. Comparing the effort and time between setting the van up to our Burrum Heads 2 night camp in January, what a difference. Bugger all effort here, faster, more comfortable - wow. Going to love this!


We enjoyed the next couple of days, using the beach, caravan park pool and our new caravan. Loz enjoyed the get-away, exploring around the campsite and grabbing our things, like my hat or Shell's sunnies. She also enjoyed splashing in the white-wash at the beach and making sand castles with Shell. There was a playground across the road from the caravan park which again, Loz made the most of.

We followed a bush trail to the top of Carlo Sandblow. The view from there across Rainbow Beach to Double Island Point is quite awesome.

The innerspring mattresses were a blessing. Best night sleep I've had camping! Packing up on Sunday morning was no drama either. It all went really smooth and we were back home unpacking at about lunch time.


It was a great first trip in the van. The only thing we'd change for the next trip is to take out the table that is bolted in, in the lounge area. It's not really needed and makes getting in and out of the bed/lounge area a little awkward.