Watch the Kinkuna 2016 Video

After settling in to our new place (rental) 2 weeks earlier, we were pretty excited to get away for a couple of days. The Show Holiday was coming up and the perfect time to head away, as only Fraser Coast residents had the day off. We packed the ute and got all our food and drinks ready and were ready for an early start on the Friday. We left home about 7:30am and arrived at the Kinkuna entrance about 9:00. Let the tyres down a bit and turned the UHF to channel 12; quarry station. A quick call over and they verified the trucks were unloading, so the track would be clear. One less thing to worry about. I must've taken a different beach entry than usual, as when we came to the dunes, it was all a bit different. We quickly found a large open area and set about setting-up.

The roof top, small tent, awnings and everything was set up in no time. First beer and cricket soon followed. The weather was absolutely spot on - barely 5 knots. The solar panels were charging and the kids were having a ball. Shell and the kids went for a wonder down the beach, which to the south wasn't a soul to be seen - and closest to the north was probably 300m away! The afternoon disappeared with frisbee throwing, walks along the beach, seeing if there were any worms, a bit of fishing (no fish), and relaxing under the shea-oaks with a couple of drinks.

Snags and veggies for dinner, followed by apple pie and custard on the fire for dessert. A couple of marshmallows too. An early night had.

The next day was quite a bit windier - by 9:30am probably up around 15-20 knots, where it stayed for the day. Still an enjoyable day doing much the same. Walking the beach, finding some good shells. Cricket, reading, drinking, mucking around. Lunch was hot dogs and cheese which filled the hole nicely in the windy conditions. An earlier camp fire was made, to keep us warm and to get some good coals for the apple pies again. I tried telling a spooky campfire story - but the kids made fun of it! That night the winds picked up with a front coming through. We awoke to overcast conditions, however we had some light rain during the night. We waited for the sun to dry things up a bit - it took a while as the clouds didn't disperse until about 9:00am. We were packed and on our way about 9:30.

We got out of Kinkuna with no worries and aired up for the trip home. Cal slept the trip back while Loz played on her tablet. Unloading was quick and painless, ready for next time.