Wongi February 2016


A camping trip was booked on the calendar, so a camping trip we would have. The SE winds have been blowing for a few weeks due to a cyclone in the Pacific Ocean. The strong winds ruled Kinkuna out. A close alternative was Wongi Waterholes, just north-west of Maryborough.


I spent Friday afternoon packing the ute and getting things ready. On Saturday we completed the packing and were on our way. We decided to take Butters for the trip too, as dogs are allowed on a leash. The trip took less than an hour from home to the campsite. We were the only car around upon arrival and started setting up camp fairly close to a track to the waterhole.


As we were almost set-up a family with a caravan pulled in. They immediately started to take control of the swimming hole area - leaving their tubes around the deck/ladder area, not allowing us more than 60 seconds to experience that part of the waterhole for ourselves. Quite annoying. They soon had company with another 2 families, many teenagers and parents - they then took over the area with their gazebo for the rest of the afternoon. As my last little gripe, they obviously thought common rules were below them when they lit a camp fire regardless of the countless 'no fire' signs in the area.


Anyhow, trying to ignore this group, Cal and I did have a great time. Cal rode his bike along theĀ  tracks, which was great considering his bike is packed away for when we move houses. We chilled out, went for a walk along the waterhole, threw frisbee, played cricket and enjoyed some good foods and drinks.


We did have a quick swim in the waterhole. It was nice and refreshing. Surprisingly not as cold as I was expecting.


Butters was enjoying herself, but got a bit spooked when the animals/insects began making their noises on dusk. Cal and I didn't really enjoy the bugs on us either - the wind was still here on dusk. The roof top tent was quite muggy without a breeze, so I have ordered a 12v fan off ebay for our next trip. Cal played a quick game of Subway Surfers on the iPad and we called it a night.


The next day we spent lazing around. Cal was on his bike, I was enjoying the bush. At about 9am we decided to start packing up and make tracks for the way home. We thought we'd stop and have a look at the fire tower while having some morning tea. As we were eating beside the tower, the man at the top offered us to come up. Cal was keen, so I wasn't going to chicken out in front of him!


Cal lead the way up. One step at a time, one level at a time. It wasn't long before we were above the tree line. Once above the tree line we could feel the winds. My breathing was quite heavy from the half-way mark up! We arrived at the top to meet the guy on lookout. A beautiful clear day, and we could see 360 degrees right around. Quite amazing! Going down was a bit harder for Cal, as he was looking down on the way. We got to the bottom no dramas, and it was quite the highlight of the trip.


The trip home from here was smooth. We took the Torbanlea Road route and were home about 11am. Unpacking was easy and it felt like we'd had a nice mid-term break.